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Jim can walk out and speak volumes without saying a word. His appearance shows how much he believes in his mission. But better yet, when he does speak to groups, his enthusiasm is captivating and he’s a delight to watch. His knowledge, experience and passion make for a great time.

Fitness is my passion. When I speak about or teach fitness, people listen, watch, and learn. I help people all around the world improve their health, body and mind. I am, in a sense, a ‘prophet of fitness.’ This has led me to carry out my lifelong mission to inspire others to lead healthier and  more fulfilling lives, which can be achieved through the proper exercise and nutrition. In other words, to make the world Jim White Fit! – Jim White


Jim has been conducting health seminars for many years. In fact, it is one of his favorite things to do   and a valued service. Why? It gives him a chance to talk about the benefits of nutrition and fitness to a large group, something he loves to  do.

He has presented to a wide array of audiences, which include students in preschools and elementary schools, high schools and colleges; sports teams; residents in nursing homes; staff members and patients in hospitals; prisoners; employees at corporations; and members in various health organizations across the  country.


Jim can speak on any fitness and nutrition topic you require. Examples include:

  • Parents’ guide to raising healthy children
  • Thirty tips on teenage eating
  • Avoiding the “Freshman 15”: Eating healthy throughout college
  • Better bodies for baby boomers
  • Successful aging
  • Sculpting Beautiful Bodies: 12-week body transformation program
  • Nutrition and fitness for the busy professional
  • Staying fit in a fast-food nation
  • Dieting for dummies
  • Sports nutrition
  • Food labels 101
  • Becoming more supermarket savvy
  • Fad diets: Are they for you?
  • To supplement or not to supplement?
  • Holiday weight loss
  • Becoming a healthy homebody: Ways to create your own in-home training and nutrition program
  • Stroke prevention: The silent killer
  • Diabetes and you
  • Heart disease: Are you at risk?
  • Nutrition and pregnancy
  • Vegetarian guide to eating


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