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Jim is in print. From monthly fitness magazines to daily newspapers, publications are reaching out to Jim White and his expertise, having him author articles and/ or be interviewed on many different subjects including nutrition, exercise, weight-loss myths, fasting, vitamins, metabolism and oh, so many more.


  • “I've called on Jim for fitness and nutrition work with GQ, Men's Health and the Washington Post, among others, and he's never less than knowledgeable, responsive and helpful — a rare combination, and one that makes him a go-to source.” — Jeff Vrabel,

  • “Jim White is one of my go-to sources for fitness and nutrition expertise. He’s always quick to respond, easy to understand, enjoyable to talk to and well-equipped to answer whatever questions I throw his way.” - Anna Medaris Miller, health and wellness editor at US News & World Report

  • “I'm often on very tight deadlines and Jim has also managed to squeeze in a call or email to comment for my stories. Not only does he provide sound facts, but he also provides context and examples often leading me to another story idea.” - Jennifer Murphy Writer and editor for the Wall Street Journal

  • “I have interviewed many guests over the years. However, one that sticks out is Registered Dietitian, Jim White. He is a fun, knowledgeable, and professional guest that has great information on all things fitness and Nutrition." - Melanie Cole, Host of RadioMD

What Men Get Wrong About Building Muscle

How many times have you heard conflicting information about building muscle? Probably every time you step foot in your gym, right? Everyone likes to think they’re an expert in their own right. READ ARTICLE

Jim White, the picture of health

Jim White started lifting weights for the usual reasons a 5-foot-11, 135-pound high-school junior does: sports and girls, girls and sports. READ ARTICLE

10 Healthy, High-protein Recipes Perfect for Father’s Day

Celebrate Father’s Day Opens a New Window. with high-protein Opens a New Window. recipes your dad will love. These 10 delicious recipes include many you can enjoy on the grill—or, if you’re in a pinch, that you can whip up in a slow cooker Opens a New Window. or pressure cooker Opens a New Window. . READ ARTICLE

5 Dude-Friendly Meals for One

The sun has set, your stomach is growling and pizza delivery is one speed dial away. The temptation is real – especially if you’re alone and you’re a man. Research shows that men who live alone tend to have poorer diets than single-dwelling women and men with roommates. READ ARTICLE

How to Make Sure You Don’t Lose Too Much Weight

If you're on a weight-loss journey, hitting your goal weight might seem like an impossible feat, a number you won't hit until the distant future. But as you start to lose weight, you may notice that it's coming off faster than you anticipated. In fact, as some people go into weight-loss mode, they may not know what their actual goal weight should be or when to stop. READ ARTICLE

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