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Jim is in print. From monthly fitness magazines to daily newspapers, publications are reaching out to Jim White and his expertise, having him author articles and or be interviewed on many different subjects including nutrition, exercise, weight-loss myths, fasting, vitamins, metabolism and oh, so many more.


Stopped losing weight despite working out? Here’s why

A couple of months ago, your diet was going great. You were dropping pounds, fitting back into your favorite shirts, and your abs were actually starting to emerge from hiding. Now, you've stopped losing flab—or even worse, you've started packing it back on—even though you are doing the exact same thing that was slimming you down before. READ ARTICLE

Here’s the Perfect Post-Workout Cocktail

You've just ripped through a workout and you're thirsty. Not for another protein shake. Not for some colored, sugary sports drink. No, you want a cocktail that will quench your thirst, cool you down, and maybe even give you a little buzz to go with your endorphin rush. READ ARTICLE


Hitting the gym without paying attention to your post-pump diet is like nailing the interview for your dream job and never following up about the position: It’s bound to undermine your hard work—especially if your goal is to lose weight or pack on muscle mass. READ ARTICLE

How much protein should you really be eating?

Protein is one of the hottest nutrition trends with popular low-carb, high-protein diets like Paleo, brands calling attention to the protein grams in everything from cereals and breads to shakes and energy bars, and restaurants re-vamping their menus to include more of it to meet consumer demand. READ ARTICLE

Diet Experts Eat at McDonald’s

McDonald's treats finally get a nod from dieticians where they will surely satisfy a person's craving and still keep a person's waistline toned and tight. Nutrition experts sugergested McDonald's foods that includes burgers, bacon, and even ice cream. READ ARTICLE


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