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Jim White's Philosophy - Jim White Fit Expert

Jim White’s Philosophy

It’s simple and it works. Jim believes in making choices—based on fact, not fantasy—in how you move, what you eat and how you live a healthy life…for a lifetime.



Jim’s Real Fitness program is based on science not sensationalism, is results-focused not injury-prone, and is easy to follow for real people not just those who are ultra fit. He will help energize you to work harder, challenge you to overcome obstacles and motivate you to make major life changes.

He believes in the four pillars of Real Fitness:

  1. Move muscles three times a week
  2. Strive to do 30 minutes of cardio daily at your target heart rate
  3. Stretch for 10 minutes every day
  4. Recover

Jim has helped thousands of people lose tens of thousands of pounds with this approach. People come to the studio after following gimmicky fitness routines that are not effective, cause injuries and are often difficult to maintain, which can set them back even more than before. Jim works hard to make fitness fun, keep it simple and help you work smarter, not harder, which will help shed body fat and keep it off In the long run. Combining Jim’s Real Fitness fundamentals with his True Nutrition techniques will help you get really, truly fit for life.



Jim’s True Nutrition program is based on research not quackery, supports science not a theory, claim or belief, and is easily adaptable. His approach toward your total diet will give you energy to support exercise, nutrients to vitalize health, and is sustainable in order to help you get fit for a lifetime. He focuses on three simple steps:

  1. Jumpstart your weight loss
  2. Bust past plateaus
  3. Maintain

So many people have transformed their bodies using this technique. Forget the latest diet craze where the change is temporary and, like others, you may gain even more weight later than what you had when you started. Jim believes in the basics and these ten True Nutrition guidelines to not only excellent health, but really, truly fit bodies:

  1. Eat often
  2. Eat three or more veggies a day
  3. Eat two or more fruits a day
  4. Plan your meals ahead
  5. Eat a protein at every meal
  6. Make more than half of your plate grains
  7. Have two servings of dairy a day
  8. Make fats essential
  9. 90/10 rule: eat well 90 percent of time
  10. Hydrate



Why fit forever? Why not? This is a lifestyle, not a one-time statement. Jim’s Fit Forever approach will help you get in the best shape of your life now and forever. Yo-yo dieting is dangerous for your body, can wreak havoc on your confidence and can cost you a lot of time and money.

You worked so hard to get that body you always wanted, so why not keep it? Jim understands that maintenance can be the hardest part of the process, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you hit your goals, he gives you a 10-pound leeway before he directs you back to his jumpstart phase. This gives you wiggle room so you don’t have to be strict   24/7.



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