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Jim White Disclosure Statement - Jim White Fit Expert

Jim White Disclosure Statement

Site Intent:
Information presented on this site is intended as an informational representation of the nutrition and communication services provided to companies by Jim White, Inc.

Sponsorship Policy:
Jim White, Inc. is compensated for the organization and promotion of any events, contests or sponsored campaigns by the companies listed as the “Sponsor” of each contest. Any sponsored social media posts will include the hashtag #sponsored, #ad, or #freesample. Jim White, Inc. occasionally receives free samples or products from companies, and when these products are reviewed or referred to, it will be made clear that the samples were provided using the hashtags #freesample, #sponsored, #ad.

Disclosure Statement as of 4/1/2017:
Jim White, Inc. does accept payment for freelance and consulting work from a variety of companies and organizations. The information relayed may support the clients’/companies’ products or services, but the opinions expressed are those of Jim White and are based on current scientific evidence. Jim White, Inc. does not work with companies whose products or services do not match his personal and professional beliefs.

None of the information presented on this site or the services provided by Jim White, Inc. should be considered a medical diagnosis or treatment.