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Jim White Workplace Wellness - Jim White Fit Expert

Jim White Workplace Wellness

Like his own business, Jim knows a healthy company comes from having employees who are provided with full wellness options and support, which, in turn, reduces healthcare costs.



While working out a client of his, Jim was asked if he could bring his mission of fitness and balance to the employees at his client’s company. And just like that, Jim White Workplace Wellness—or JW3—became an idea that turned into an important  initiative.

Jim has always been extremely motivated to spread his message of fitness and health, and that extends to companies, large and small. Through JW3, employees learn how to live a balanced lifestyle. This includes increasing productivity, decreasing stress, boosting energy, enhancing strength, advancing nutrition awareness, and improving confidence and cardiovascular endurance. What does it do for the company? Employees will be performing at their full potential, they’ll have fewer sick days, no mid-afternoon energy crashes and there will be reduced healthcare costs. That’s a win for everybody.


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