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Radio Appearances - Jim White Fit Expert

Radio Appearances

Jim sounds great. As a fitness and nutrition expert, Jim has all the facts and figures to have a healthy discussion about topics that include everything from getting beach-body ready and weightlifting for women to best protein choices and childhood obesity. Even more attractive is his enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition in which he believes so strongly.

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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Does the thought of the impending holidays scare the dieter right out of you? We all know how hard it is to maintain our weight during the holidays, much less lose any pounds. You can get control of your weight and stop the weight gain that seems to jump on us at the holidays. LISTEN TO BROADCAST

The Best Protein for Optimal Weight Loss

Protein is an essential nutrient for building muscle and supporting other biological processes. You hear about the different types or proteins, including soy, whey, egg and casein. Do these types differ from the types of protein found in meats and fish? How can you benefit from protein to maximize exercise capacity and ultimately weight loss? One of the keys to maximizing the efficiency in which your body breaks down protein is to avoid over-consumption of the nutrient and to eat the right types of protein. In this segment, Jim White, RD, and Melanie Cole, MS, explore the different types of protein and help you discover which one is the right type for your body. LISTEN TO BROADCAST

Eating season is over. Now what?

Jim White of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics tells Adrienne Mitchell how to get back on track now that the Super Bowl has wrapped up eating season. LISTEN TO BROADCAST

Food Journal Your Way to Weight Loss Success

Have you tried to lose weight many times and failed, but you can't figure out why it's not working? Keeping a journal and writing down your food may seem like a hassle, but it has been proven to be a surefire way to make yourself accountable for exactly what you're putting in your mouth... and on your hips. It also helps you really think about your food choices and recognize all the ways you unintentionally sabotage your weight loss with just a bite of this or another helping of that. It all adds up, and whether you are keeping track or not, your body certainly is. There are some great food journaling apps available, and making use of them can make it easier for you to get control of the eating habits that are keeping you stuck in a rut. Some of our favorites are:

Calorie King Melanie Cole, MS, and Jim White, RD, discuss the benefits of food journaling, the best apps to help you do it, and how it can be the one real way to lose that weight once and for all. LISTEN TO BROADCAST

Weightlifting for Women: Slim Down without Bulking Up

How many times have you heard a women say, "I don't want to lift weights because I will bulk up too much?" Or, "I don't want to look like one of those body-building women"? There are so many myths surrounding women and weightlifting, but the truth is that slimming down -- not bulking up -- is your most likely result from strength training. It is very hard to get that body-builder look, and the benefits of weight training for women are well documented. Special guest, Jim White, RD, and Melanie Cole, MS, clear up once and for all the confusion and myths surrounding women and weight lifting. LISTEN TO BROADCAST

End New Year’s Resolutions for Good

You make New Year's resolutions every year, and every year you fall back to your old habits. What if making resolutions is part of the problem? What if you could get the results you want without these poorly planned promises? You can change your habits, you just need a little help in realizing how to get there. Health and nutrition expert, Jim White, RD, and Melanie Cole, MS, share how NOT to make resolutions and stillget healthier in the coming year. LISTEN TO BROADCAST

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