• <b>JIM WHITE</b></br>is on a mission to get the world really, truly fit
  • <b>Jim White</b></br> is making an impact and transforming lives
  • <b>Jim White</b></br> is spreading the word, reaching millions
  • <b>Jim White</b></br> and his FITNESS Foundation LIFTs up those in need
  • About Jim
  • Jim lives by example and he’s extremely motivated to help others get really, truly fit.
  • Jim’s Impact
  • With fitness studios and special programs, Jim makes a difference in people’s lives.
  • Media
  • As a trusted expert, Jim is out there attracting audiences and sharing what he knows.

Jim White lives his mission. He has a story to tell that inspires and motivates people to transform their lives. Jim is a certified national fitness and nutrition expert making an impact on the fitness industry and on countless people who have become really, truly fit.


This just in from Jim...

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Really Truly Fit Podcast


This fun, energizing and entertaining look at health and fitness will educate and motivate you to get really, truly fit. Join world-renowned ACSM Exercise Physiologist and Registered Dietician Jim White as he covers everything from weight-loss and debunking diet myths, to fitness trends and finding balance. Don’t miss this great show about a purposeful way of living.


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